Project Description

WeldZone Simulator

Health & Safety Awareness Tool: EMF in Welding

The WeldZone simulates the effect of electromagnetic fields on welders, providing a 3D visual representation of exposure levels and highlighting the associated risks.

EC Directive 2013/35/EU introduced minimum health and safety requirements for the exposure of workers to electromagnetic fields (EMF). The directive became law in all member states on July 1st 2016.

The European metalworking industry is worth €87 billion, and employs more than 2 million people. Implementing the directive’s legislation will lead to significant cost increases in training and assessment for metalworking companies.

WeldZone simulator, created as part of the HS-EMFW (Health and Safety in Electromagnetic Fields in Welding) Erasmus+ project, is a cost-effective way to train and assess staff on the risks of EMF exposure and how to minimise them.

Main features

  • Realistic scenarios that mirror real life conditions

  • Collect information from multiple sources – choices affect outcomes 

  • Guided introduction to the simulation’s main features

  • Simplified compliance assessment of the welding processes

  • Performance assessment at regular intervals throughout

  • full final evaluationdetailing successes and failures  


  • Unique 3D visualisation of EMF increases awareness of risks 

  • Gain detailed understanding of EMF and the potential health effects 

  • Master the process of compliance assessment 

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the EMF directive and how to apply it 

  • Tests the user’s judgement through a variety of scenarios – compliant, non-compliant or needs revision 

  • Simulator is simple to use and followyet covers everything in detail 

  • Opportunities to reflect on feedback from the assessments 

Why 3D Simulation? 

The WeldZone Simulator engages users in a way that conventional training sometimes lacks, placing them in realistic situations and visualising tricky concepts.  

For example, electromagnetic fields are invisible to the eye, but can be accurately represented in a 3D simulation raising the student’s awareness. 

WeldZone was created by HighSkillz with the collaboration of the HS-EMFW project partners. 

WeldZone provides interactive experiences for two types of welding processes: 

1 Resistance Spot Welding

The first module provides a realistic simulation of resistance spot welding two pieces of sheet metal together. It has been created with the help of subject matter experts for added realism. 

The simulation creates 3D visualisations of EMF that can be toggled between high and low intensity. The user can also view the effect of differing field strengths on the welder’s body, highlighting the degree of risk to limbs or head and torso.  

The intensity of the machine (current in Amps) and period (time in seconds) can be toggled between various values and the resulting field size can be seen in the 3D visualisations. 

The user follows a scenario guiding them through EU EMF directive (2013/35/EU) and the relevant assessment processes, in order to ensure compliance of the welding activity. 

3D simulation is a powerful way to demonstrate the risks of EMF, as it is normally an invisible phenomenon. The visualisations have more visual impact on the user than traditional training and the knowledge is more likely to be retained. 

2 Manual Metal Arc Welding

The second module follows on from the knowledge gained in the first one and users are expected to put it into practice. 

The welding process used this time is manual metal arc welding. Two different scenarios are presented and the welding process is to be assessed for compliance to the EU directive for each. 

This involves interviewing the welder to check for adverse health effects and visualising the EMF and areas of the body affected. An assessment form is then filled out based on this information and the user decides whether to pass or fail the assessment given certain criteria. 

Each scenario in the second module has a different outcome, allowing the user to practice using different assessment skills. 

Raise Awareness of EMF Health & Safety in Welding Processes with Engaging 3D Scenarios 

  • Visualisation of the magnetic fields in a 3D space

  • Visualise the Action Levels

  • Experiment with different parameters and see the effect on EMF

  • Conduct interviews with welders on safety positions and EMF symptoms

Simplified Exposure Assessment with Feedback and Evaluations to Encourage Progress 

  • Simplified decisions matrix

  • Visualisation of EMF action levels and the impact on the human body

  • Conduct your final compliance assessment and make the final decision to pass, fail or request revision

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